About Concierge Medicine

I believe the patient experience begins from the moment you call our office. When you are in need of an appointment, you will be seen promptly. During your office visit, you are the center of attention with your needs attended to as if you were a member of my extended family.
We now have the opportunity to explore integrative therapies which take into account all factors that influence a patient’s health. You have options – both conventional and alternative – to determine what will best facilitate your body’s innate healing response. My concierge medicine practice views you as a whole person…integrating body, mind, spirit and community…and together we will determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you.
I ensure there is ample opportunity to understand and address your medical needs at each visit. In general your annual wellness exam will be 60–90 minutes and all other appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes to allow enough time to address all of your needs.
Office visits are best scheduled during normal office hours when the full complement of staff is available. However, when you require occasional visits outside of our usual office hours, we will do our best to reasonably accommodate you. Additionally, I offer my patients the option of convenient direct communication through secure email and cell phone.
Should a family member or friend become ill during a visit to the Milton area, I am happy to assist them with prompt medical care as though they were a member of my practice.
When a parent opts to join my concierge medicine practice, I am happy to care for his/her dependent children between the ages of 16–26 without an additional annual fee.
My concierge medicine practice focuses on prevention and wellness, not just taking care of you when you are ill. My definition of wellness emphasizes the broader concepts of health promotion and preventative care. I believe, “…Health is a state of complete physical, social, and mental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World Health Organization). I recognize for those who truly value their health, having a physician as their advocate is the ideal doctor-patient relationship. As my patient, you will receive an expanded annual Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation, which will be the cornerstone of your personalized wellness plan, created to keep you feeling your best.
If serious illness or injury should occur, I am there for you…to advocate on your behalf, to make courtesy hospital visits, and of course, offering compassionate care and counsel regarding serious illness and end-of-life decisions.
As a member of my concierge medicine practice, you receive the same high standard of care I have always delivered to my patients. You receive my honest, compassionate and heartfelt dedication to your individual needs. The difference? You receive more of it! Additionally, my practice is differentiated by allowing us the opportunity to explore appropriate integrative medicine options. Treatment is individualized for each patient, with your input given the highest respect. We will have quality time to focus on health promotion as well as the prevention of illness.


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