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  • Dr. Jani is in the News…Again! May 23, 2019

    Dr. Uday Jani of Shoreview Personalized Medical Care in Milton, Delaware

    Dr. Uday Jani’s two-part health information series on reverse aging was highlighted in a recent article in the Cape Gazette. As part of a panel of respected local healthcare and wellness experts, Dr. Jani ... Continue Reading

  • May 22nd & May 29th: Reverse Aging in the New Age May 8, 2019

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  • Dr. Uday Jani In The News May 6, 2019

    Dr. Uday Jani to discuss gut health at LEwes Public Library on May 8th

    Dr. Uday Jani of Shore View Personalized Medical Care was highlighted in a recent article in the Cape Gazette. Dr. Jani is scheduled to discuss Microbiome & Gut Health on May 8th, at the Lewes Library.

    The ... Continue Reading

  • May 1st & 15th: Reverse Aging in the New Age May 1, 2019

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  • Dr. Jani In The News April 30, 2019

    Dr. Uday Jani - 250th member of Beebe Healthcare's 1916 ClubDr. Uday Jani of Shore View Personalized Medical Care was highlighted in a recent article in the Cape Gazette. Dr. Jani recently became the 250th member of Beebe Healthcare’s 1916 Club when he joined in late March. ... Continue Reading

  • Dr. Jani Joins Beebe Healthcare’s Leadership Giving Fund, the 1916 Club April 17, 2019

    Dr. Uday Jani in the Cape GazetteIn March 2019, Dr. Jani became the 250th member of Beebe Healthcare’s 1916 Club, a leadership giving fund established to help subsidize the community health system’s programs and services. At his request, Dr. Jani’s donation is earmarked specifically toward expansion of integrative medicine offerings at Beebe ... Continue Reading

  • Spring Training April 2, 2019

    Spring Training: Ramping Up after a Long, Sedentary Winter

    Whether you went into hibernation as the result of a record cold winter season, or took time off from your usual exercise routine because of a busy ... Continue Reading

  • Medical Marijuana Myths April 2, 2019

    Smoking Out the Myths: Medical Marijuana

    Does medical marijuana offer a solution to treating epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety and neurogenerative diseases? Or is it an untested, potentially unsafe treatment that will eventually turn out to be ... Continue Reading

  • Adult ADD April 2, 2019

    Attention Please: ADD/ADHD is Not Just a Childhood Condition

    In the 21stcentury, it’s standard procedure to test unfocused, impulsive and restless children who struggle to achieve in school for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit ... Continue Reading

  • Beyond Stents and Statins: An Integrative Approach to Managing Heart Disease February 12, 2019

    Wednesday, February 27th/3:00-4:30 pm/Lewes Public Library

    Thursday, February 28th/6:00-7:30 pm/Milton Public Library

    Valve replacement, bypass surgery, stents and cholesterol-lowering medications are highly effective tools to manage and prevent heart disease – but there’s a largely untapped and equally promising arsenal of alternative approaches to complement the traditional. Join Uday Jani, MD for his ... Continue Reading