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  • Make a New Resolution for 2019 January 16, 2019

    In this week’s Cape-Gazette News, Dr. Jani shared sage tips on how to rethink and retool your New Year’s resolutions for success. The best takeaway: it’s never too late to start!


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  • The Age of Anxiety January 11, 2019

    Higher Anxiety? Our ‘age of anxiety’ began four centuries ago

    It can come on suddenly and intensely, causing shaking, confusion and difficulty breathing for no apparent reason…trigger an irrational avoidance of elevators or public transportation…or become ...

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  • Going with the Grain January 11, 2019

    Going with the Grain

    They may be the culinary trendsetters of the 21st century, but the ancient wonders of the grain world have remain unchanged for the last several hundred years. From chia to kamut, sorghum ...

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  • Why Today’s Health News Often Becomes Tomorrow’s Retractions January 11, 2019

    Handle with Care: Why Today’s Health News Often Becomes Tomorrow’s Retractions

    We’ve all seen it played out hundreds of times, as a drug, food or habit is trumpeted as the way to lower the risk of ...

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  • In the News: Dr. Jani on WMDT-TV October 5, 2018

    Dr. Jani was recently featured on WMDT-TV discussing Delaware’s new START initiative, an online system enabling primary care physicians and first responders to more easily refer patients suffering from drug addiction to treatment recovery centers. As the opioid crisis continues to grow in the state, he commended the new approach as a critical step in helping ...

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  • Decoding Different Diets September 25, 2018

    What Kind of Eater are You?

    In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, even inveterate beef eaters may be considering a more vegetable-centric diet. If you’re on a journey to vegetarianism or simply curious about the ...

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  • Pain Management: The New Approach September 25, 2018

    Fewer Pills, Lower Doses, More Vigilance: The New Approach to Pain Management

    It’s hard to imagine a medical crisis more widely discussed, dissected and debated in the last two years than opioid abuse. As a result, ...

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  • A Flu-Free Winter: Your Best Shot September 25, 2018

    Take Your Best Shot for a Flu-Free Winter

    Last year’s flu season was severe in most parts of the country and left many wondering why the flu vaccine hadn’t performed more effectively. However, it remains our ...

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  • Dr. Jani Plants the Seeds of Healthy Living at Farmer’s Market August 27, 2018

    Talking to a packed room of people eager to learn the secrets of healthy eating at the Aug. 26th Nassau Valley Vineyards Farmer’s Market was very gratifying, says Uday Jani, MD.  Even more rewarding: when attendees came up to Dr. Jani later that day to show off the goodies they purchased as a result of ...

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  • Relieve lower back pain with our virtual yoga class July 25, 2018

    We’re pleased to share an easy, relaxing way to release tension and ease pain in your lower back, courtesy of the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine. This 10 minute virtual class by physical therapist and yoga instructor Jaimie Perkunas will lead you through gentle stretches for ...

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