In the News: Dr. Jani to Speak on Personalized Medicine at Lewes Library

One of today’s most cutting-edge medical topics – genetic testing – will be discussed by Dr. Jani at Lewes Library on May 9 and 15. A recent article in the Cape-Gazette gave a sneak preview of the exciting promise of genetics to ultimately personalize medicine, guiding use of prescription drugs and assessing disease risk on a highly individualized basis.

“Normal variations in the human genetic code can yield proteins that work better or worse when they are metabolizing different types of drugs and other substances,” said Dr. Jani. “Even small differences can have a major effect on a drug’s safety or effectiveness for an individual patient.”

Dr. Jani’s unique perspective as an integrative medicine physician was also noted, as he drew a comparison back to the ancient roots of Ayurveda medicine.

“It was thought that the three doshas provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health, much like today’s genotypes. Imbalance in the doshas indicated disease before it manifested, and specifically tailored recommendations for treatment were given to each patient, very different from what became our ‘one pill for all’ cure. All these years later, we’re seeing the wisdom of that approach in the form of genetics-based personalized medicine,” he said.

To read the complete article, click here:

Cape Gazette – Dr. Jani explores personalized medicine

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