Lovey Buddies

Lovey Buddies

Dear Patient:

I hope you’ll help me with a real ‘pet project’ that’s close to my heart. My daughters have created a charity called Lovey Buddies, to bring the cuddly warmth of a stuffed animal to children who can use a furry friend. Please help them help others by donating a new or gently used stuffed animal. Your contribution will be cherished by youngsters served by the Harry K Foundation, The Charity Company and Children and Families First. All donations are gratefully accepted. Please look for the collection bin in my office. With your generosity, we hope to fill it to the top in September.

Many many thanks,

Uday Jani, MD

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Lovey Buddies

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  1. Are still accepting donations of stuffed animals? If YES, when can I bring them to your office? I have several toys that I could donate.

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