Mark your calendar now for Dr. Jani’s 2018 integrative health talks

Cleanse Body and Soul: The Art of Detox

Toxic relief provided by Uday Jani, MD as he provides a new look at natural methods for detoxing the body. You’ll find out how eating the right foods and nutrients can help shed the 219+ toxic chemicals that most people harbor in their body at any given time. Give yourself a fresh start by detoxing the liver, allowing it to rejuvenate itself and restore wellness and vitality to your life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


It’s All About You: What Does Personalized Medicine Look Like in 2018?

Find out why ‘one pill fits all’ is no longer an option for today’s advanced physicians and their patients. Join Uday Jani, MD, as he explores the individualized approach to medical care, from cutting-edge genomic testing to ancient techniques like acupuncture. He explains the newest thinking surrounding the mind-body connection and how patients benefit from a deeply personalized approach that takes into account all aspects of their health and lifestyle.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Both talks start at 3 pm, and will be held at Lewes Public Library.

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