Spirituality Matters: Dr. Jani Connects, Guides and Inspires at Community Talks

In this time of multiple natural disasters, it may be difficult to envision how to alleviate the human suffering that results. A long-time proponent of holistic care, Dr. Uday Jani delivered a profound message at his recent talks at Milton and Lewes libraries on the topic, encouraging attendees to embrace a spiritual lifestyle.

“Crisis and pain occur in everyone’s lives, but how you deal with it makes all the difference between thriving and merely surviving, and between wellness and illness,” said Dr. Jani. “People who consciously set out to build their spiritual strength are able to dig deep within their souls and realize that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

The community responded with passion and gratitude, expressing their appreciation with notes that included comments such as:

“I want to thank you so much for the talk…it was good to be reminded of things I believe in, see things in a different way and be touched by things that I am ready to hear and embrace now in my life.”

“Thank you for starting the conversation of spirituality in our community. It was wonderful to feel the energy in the room. I look forward to continue to connect.”

“I am deeply moved that so many people felt the connection, which is the essence of spirituality, whether it’s to a higher power or to others in your community,” said Dr. Jani.

Starting a spiritual journey is not easy, he noted.“It takes some work and literal soul searching to begin, requiring an active posture, and a willingness to accept that your journey must be your own.” The rewards, however, are immeasurable. “A strong spiritual foundation can help people overcome feelings of helplessness, regain a sense of control and restore meaning and order even in the most difficult life situations,” said Dr. Jani.

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