Spirituality in Medicine: Where Hope Lives

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Explore the powerful role of spirituality in healing mind and body as Dr. Uday Jani presents:

 Spirituality in Medicine: Where Hope Lives 

More than 3,000 studies now confirm the potentially beneficial effect of religion on health. Learn more about these important findings from Uday Jani, MD, who will explore how connecting the spiritual with the physical, social, cultural and psychological is integral to treating the whole patient.

Understanding the role of spirituality in healing begins for many patients when their physician opens a dialogue with HOPE questions*:

(H) Where do you find comfort or hope in time of illness? When things are tough, what keeps you going?

(O) Does organized religion have a place in your life, or in your family’s life?

(P) Are there spiritual practices or beliefs that are important to you personally?

(E) Are there ways that your personal beliefs affect your health care choices or might provide guidance as we discuss decisions about your care near the end of your life?

*Source: Brown University School of Medicine

Join Dr. Jani for an inspiring discussion this Thursday at St. Peter’s Church…all are welcome.

Thursday, July 21 at 7 PM | St. Peter’s Episcopal Church | 221 Mulberry St. | Lewes

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