My family and I

My family and I have been patients or Dr. Lanza since he was in Elizabeth, NJ. We followed him to Warren, NJ and if we need to follow further; we will. He is an amazing human being and doctor who takes time to listen, not just hear you, but listen.

Dr. Lanza is very thorough

Dr Lanza is very thorough and compassionate addressing all aspects of your health issues. The conversation reviewing results of medical tests is clear & concise with very straight forward solutions. His manner creates a comfort zone for the patient.

As Always

As always, Dr. Lanza and staff are professional while being familial. The office offers a relaxed atmosphere which puts you at ease to discuss your health issues and concerns. Thank you Dr. Lanza and staff.

What are the qualities

What are the qualities of a good physician? 1) Good listener 2) Compassionate 3) Intuitive 4) Calm 5) Honest and protective 6) Knows medicine 7)Not an alarmist Dr. Lanza is all of the above!

When you visit

When you visit Dr.Lanza you are never rushed and to us he is the most knowledgeable physician in many aspects. He will explain any and all medical related issues and he is never rushed or curt. One of the best physicians that we have eaver encountered.

Excellent Staff

EXCELLENT STAFF, ABILITY, SENSITIVITY and VERY THOROUGH! !! I think the way the medical system is in this country, having a medical team you can count on is VERY IMPORTANT, plus they are all really good people that care!!