Uday Jani, MD Shares the Benefits of Concierge Medicine on Radio Health Journal

Whether you are a physician or patient, we think you’ll find this conversation with Dr. Uday Jani a meaningful one. In an interview featured on Radio Health Journal, host Reed Pence dug deep to explore why many primary care doctors, unhappy with “factory medicine,” have created concierge medicine practices in order to offer patients much longer appointments, greater access, and more personal care.

Dr. Jani spoke about the importance of partnering with patients in his concierge medical practice: “The benefit of concierge medicine is that we can spend more time on prevention and wellness and those are the two things we are missing in America today. So what is happening is it has become, ‘What’s the problem? Here is a pill,’ that’s the philosophy we are running on…instead, it is about sitting with the patient and saying, ‘Let’s talk about your problems and let’s see what you are going to do for it.’ Because if I am going to just tell you, it’s not going to work, we need to partner and find out what you want to do for it.”

Listen to the full recording below or download the free podcast here.