COVID-19 Video Library

Video Messages for Our Patients

Thoughts about the most recent developments with regards to COVID-19 testing  6.26.20

DC100  6.10.20

Carolyn Trasko: Journaling  5.22.20

Dr. Todd: Rediscover the Positive 5.22.20

Dr. Todd: 5 Things You Like About Yourself  5.22.20

Medicinal Mushrooms  5.17.20

Emotional Health and Dr. Todd 5.11.20

Introducing psychologist Dr. Todd: Dealing with Our Overload 5.9.20

Benefits of Relaxing Belly Breathing 5.6.20

4-7-8 Breath Work video message from Dr. Jani 5.6.20

Introducing integrative health specialist Carolyn Trasko, PhD 5.6.20

Carolyn Trasko: Relaxation Breathing 5.6.20

Acu-pressure points to relieve stress, discussed by acupuncturist Denise Demback 5.1.20

Three acu-pressure points to boost your immune system, discussed by acupuncturist Denise Demback 4.30.20

Tips for staying healthy an update on COVID-19 4.29.20

Update on COVID-19 in Sussex 4.27.20

Eat the Rainbow: Boost Your Immune System Naturally 4.24.20

Dr. Jani discusses COVID-19 Testing 4.16.20

Dr. Jani discusses the use of masks during COVID-19 4.4.20

Dr. Jani's video message 4.1.20

A Message from Shore View Personalized Medical Care