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  • In the News: Dr. Jani Shares Information on Advance Directives in the Cape-Gazette April 2, 2022

    End-of-life care can be difficult to talk about and plan for, but an advance directive is the best way to ensure one’s wishes are understood and respected, according to a recent article in the Cape-Gazette featuring Dr. Jani.

    “Every person needs to think about how they want to be cared for if a terminal illness or ...

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  • Exercise Is Good Medicine April 1, 2022

    Get Up and Join the Movement

    As we emerge from the doldrums of winter hibernation and COVID-19-related inertia, it’s important to remember that exercise is good medicine and there’s no better time than now, to get moving again.

    “There isn’t a chronic condition that can’t be better managed with an appropriate dose of exercise,” asserts Continue Reading

  • What’s Keeping You Up at Night? April 1, 2022

    Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety, Insomnia and Sleep Anxiety

    A good night’s sleep does more than refresh and revitalize. It’s essential to your health, so make it a priority to understand what’s keeping you up at night.

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  • What Does BMI Really Tell Us? April 1, 2022

    Definitive Diagnostic Tool or Part of a Greater Health Matrix?

    It’s an easily understood calculation: Body Mass Index, popularly known as BMI, computes an individual’s measure of body fat as weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. Levels are defined as Underweight if less than 18.5, Normal weight if between 18.5 ...

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  • Advanced Care Directive March 28, 2022

    Download all documents here:

    Get your Ducks ...

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  • Pandemic Stress Likely Compounded by Seasonal Affective Disorder January 1, 2022


    Coping With Sad This Winter

    As we continue to weather the storm of COVID-19, seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is once again on our radar. More subtle than an arctic blast, SAD is just as real, with just as much potential to have a chilling effect on our mood, productivity and wellness. Similar to ...

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  • A Novel Approach to Behavior Change December 14, 2021

    How to Replace Bad Habits with Healthy, Sustainable Behaviors

    For entrepreneur physician Kyra Bobinet, MD, the typical reasons behind a failed diet served as the impetus for developing a novel approach ...

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  • Staying Well in the New Year A Proactive Guide December 14, 2021

    In the spirit of starting 2022 with healthy intention, we’ve taken a page from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) latest recommendations, long considered ...

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  • Color Your World with Every Hue of Fruit and Vegetable December 14, 2021

    Eating Your Fruits and Veggies May Help Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease

    Fill your plate with a vibrant, colorful array of fruits and vegetables for a naturally ...

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  • In the News: Dr. Jani presents inspirational talk at national concierge medicine conference November 3, 2021

    At the recent Concierge Medicine Forum, a leading national industry conference, Dr. Jani was asked to provided his unique perspective on returning to normal in the wake of COVID-19. His presentation “Restoring the Balance: a Physician’s Guide to the New World Ahead of Us,” earned rave reviews from attendees, and was featured in this week’s ...

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