Educate, Engage, Empower: Dr. Jani’s Spring Community Talks

At Rehoboth Beach Country Club, members and Shore View patients enjoyed Dr. Jani’s three-part series on extending your wellspan, packed with information on: foods to enhance gut health, the latest anti-aging treatments, and supplements from A to Z.

Dr. Jani’s insights on the role of the microbiome in overall health and wellness were featured in the Cape Gazette. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Dr. Jani’s in-depth presention on gut health drew a record crowd of 100+ people at St. Peter’s Church on May 24th. The talk, titled “Trust Your Gut: An Inside View of the Microbiome-Immune System-Brain Health Connection” featured new research findings, a lively Q&A session and a collection of pre- and probiotic inspired recipes for attendees to try at home.

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