New Cancer Resource from AWCIM

Cancer prevention: Uday Jani, MD

A New Toolkit for Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. It’s easy to feel isolated or that nothing is under your control. Information, tips, and resources—along with support from loved ones and health care providers—can ease the treatment journey.

The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, with a generous contribution from the Scheidel Foundation, is launching a FREE online cancer care toolkit. It features lots of valuable information including

  • Suggestions for working with oncology providers
  • Recommendations for complementary therapies and emotional wellness
  • Important nutrition and supplement information
  • Curated resources from trusted organizations

As well as features like

  • Mind-Body Moments: The 4-7-8 breath and other simple relaxing and mindful practices to try
  • Search: Get right to what you are most curious about
  • Favorites: Return to the most helpful information easily

Cancer prevention: Uday Jani, MD Cancer Prevention: Uday Jani, MD Cancer Prevention: Uday Jani, MD

Andrew Weil center for Integrative Medicine: Uday Jani, MD Scheidel Foundation: Uday Jani, MD

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